Proven daily routine to stay active and healthy

In this fast and furious life, we often forget to take care of simple but important things in life and only realize it when something is wrong with our health and peace of mind. Hence it’s very important to take some time for ourselves and follow the proven routine as described and practiced by our great ancestors of “Bharat” (India).

If body and mind is active then only one can lead a fulfilling and happy life as well as inspire others to live happily.

So friends, let’s deep dive into that routine, does and don’ts which makes us healthy, wealthy and wise !!


  1. It’s good to rise early usually before 1.5 hours of sunrise.
  2. Do regular exercise, Yog and Pranayam in the morning to stay fit and active all the day.
  3. Drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning before brushing your teeth.
  4. Morning is the best time to have heavy meal.
  5. Best time to have your breakfast is within 2.5 hours after the sunrise.
  6. It’s good to drink Juice with morning breakfast.
  7. Do the work after morning breakfast.


  1. It’s advisable to have moderate meal at lunch.
  2. It’s good to drink Lassi / Chhach with lunch.
  3. It’s good to add “Ajwain” in Sabji (curry) prepared for lunch.
  4. Take little rest after lunch.


  1. It’s good to drink Milk with dinner.
  2. Never eat citrus fruits, salad and curd at night.
  3. It’s good to have only a light meal at night.
  4. Best time to have dinner is before sunrise.
  5. It’s good to add Turmeric in the warm milk to avoid Cancer.
  6. Walk at least 500 steps after dinner.
  7. Best time to go to bed at night is 9 – 10 pm.


  1. Always first sit down and then drink water in small sips.
  2. While eating, chew 32 times to digest the meal fully.
  3. It’s not advisable to eat ice-cream.
  4. If you want to eat anything from fridge then keep it aside for 1 hour and then eat.
  5. It’s not advisable to drink any carbonated, sugary cold beverages.
  6. It’s good to eat cooked food within 40 minutes after cooking.
  7. Don’t drink too much water right after having meal. You can drink it after 48 minutes.
  8. It’s very helpful to do 5-10 minutes “Vajrasan” after having food. Food will be digested easily.
  9. Stay away or reduce intake of these 3 white poisons – Sugar, Maida (refined wheat flour), Salt
  10. It’s good to eat food while seating down at floor and chew more.
  11. During summer, it’s very good to drink water from clay pot.

Thank you for Reading.

Wish you a great health, stamina and active mind to conquer the day !!!